Who is This Sweet Nina Character Anyway?

Who Is Sweet Nina?

A Girl With a Dream

Sweet Nina

Sweet Nina is a girl with a dream - a dream to one day buy a food truck from which she can distribute delicious treats to bring joy and sugar rushes to all who pass her way. Eventually, Sweet Nina plans to hold a Kickstarter campaign to help raise some of the funds to make this dream a reality. In exchange for contributions to this goal, she will reward backers with delicious desserts and other goodies.

Check back soon for more details on the Kickstarter campaign or follow Sweet Nina's Nom-Noms on Facebook to be notified as soon as that campaign kicks off! In the meantime, you can also find out Where Sweet Nina Will Be Next to get some free samples.

A Little History

Sweet Nina (whose alter-ego is Edwina Niedfeldt) was classicly trained in Pastry Arts at Johnson and Wales University. In addition to her formal education in baked goods, she also possesses a wicked sweet tooth (a pretty awesome combination for someone in this job). Over the years, Edwina's creations have included wedding cakes, cakes for birthday parties and other special events, cupcakes, pies, cookies, brownies, ice cream, and an assortment of other delicious desserts and tasty treats.

Sweet Nina's Nom-Noms uses fresh, local products as often as possible to create treats that don’t have any of those wierd ingredients in them (you know, the ones that make baked goods last for 10 years. That’s just wrong). All products are handcrafted in small batches to meet specific orders or for special events.

Help Spread the Word

Sweet Nina can often be found giving out free goodies at area events, farmer's markets, or other locations - see the "Where Will Sweet Nina Be Next?" page for more details. These free samples are being distributed to help spread the word on Sweet Nina's Nom-Noms and to build a following who will hopefully remember those delicious free treats when it comes time to lend a hand to help Sweet Nina get that food truck via her Kickstarter campaign! 

Want to help now? Spread the word on Sweet Nina's Nom-Noms and share our website or our Facebook page with anyone who know who loves tasty sweets. You can also contact Sweet Nina if you would like to have her to your place of business to distribute free goodies or if you'd like to contribute to her food truck goals now and recieve some Nom-Noms of your own as our heartfelt 'thank you'!