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First comes snow, than comes more snow, than comes so much more snow…Just so so so much snow.

Ah New England…

As most of you know/are currently living through the weather in New England has been a touch on the ridiculous side.
It started out cold… Nothing too unusual there, than it moved to wicked cold, also par for the course in RI. Than we got so cold it couldn’t snow, brought it back up to tolerable cold. Than we got slapped in the face with more snow in one month’s time than I have ever had the misfortune of seeing in my 27, fine 29 years!

Going about your daily life becomes a challenge. Suddenly hitting the gym before work means getting up 45 minutes earlier than usual because on top of your normal routine you have to a lot time to warm your car up and clear off the snow. And you’ll really be pissed when it starts snowing again while you’re counting down your lunges (Besides doesn’t all this shoveling count as a work out!).

The difficulties don’t stop there: Hey southerner’s ever try and push a grocery cart though snow and slush? No? Well how about a parking lot that’s not only uneven but riddled with pot holes? It’s a tragic game of “How many trips back into the house can I make with the groceries before I lose a toe to frost bite?” (The answer to that one, because two trips are for the weak).

*Disclaimer: I love the South and the people that in habit it, I’m simply calling out Southerners because my parents moved to North Carolina a few years ago and since then feel the need to post when the weather drops below 62 degrees… which is almost never… sooooo… Love you Mom, Love you Dad!*

Needless to say that with the extra effort we’ve all been putting in to get through the motions, sometimes doing the little extras like going antiquing because, you’re 29 now and it seems like something you should try or trying that new cookie recipe because if you’re going to justify not going to the gym your argument will be more valid if it appears you’ve completely given up and have a cookie in your hand…. Okay both hands… And one in your mouth… Maybe a little stack of them next to your laptop while drool and covet things on Pinterest…


So to try and force myself to stay on track with all those pesky life goals I’ve set for myself, I’ve designed a little challenge. For the next year, I am going to make a new dessert recipe or design once a week. Now I haven’t let anyone else know about this… You know until right now when I’ve plastered it on the internet… But it’s something I’ve been toying with for a while and I think I’m ready to commit.

First a couple of disclaimers:

When I say recipe I mean I will be trying something either completely new to me, like a recipe that I’ve adapted from the internet (because let’s face it not all of them are winners) or that I currently have in my arsenal and experimenting with it somehow.

When I reference design, it may be the same sugar cookie or cake recipe I’m using but instead of baking off the same thing and decorating them in the same way (or no way if I’m feeling snacky) I’m going to switch it up and see if I can push my artistic limits or make a mess… Sometimes it’s just a mess..

Lastly I will probably have to count work that comes in my way as part of my challenge, for no other reason than I am one person. When I take on an order I commit to it, and sometimes that requires me to do and prep certain things (mostly fondant work) days to a week ahead of time. Piecing together a wedding cake is actually really time consuming no matter what Food Network will have you think!

Hopefully I’ll be keeping you all posted with a monthly blog entry so you can see some of my Frankenstein creations or at least get an idea as to what I’ve been up to. But lest face it I’m terrible when it comes to keeping up with the blog so maybe we should commit to once every two months… No! We’re doing once a month. I’m doing it, it’s going to happen! I know every morning you wake up and log onto the website to see what I’ve posted and when I haven’t it just RUINS your day….

So that’s what’s going on here in icebox formally known as RI, with the ice-person formally known as Sweet Nina. Stay warm my friends!

Date Added: 02.24.15