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I Have a Website

I have a website! Now what? Do I need to water it or something?

I’m not exactly what you would call techno-savvy, so the fact that I now have my own website has me a little overwhelmed. It has my husband scratching his head, as he’s witnessed me attempting to put in a DVD while sweet talking the remote in an effort to get it to play on the first (or third) try.

What I lack in computer skills I make up for in baking. It’s always been a passion of mine and I’m hoping my love of creating baked goods will somehow translate through this site. Although it might be easier if someone would work on the whole scratch and sniff computer screen. How is it 2013 and that isn’t a thing yet?

Until “Sniff-O-Screen” is a thing (or I buy a food truck) you’re going to have to settle for some slightly blurry photos and my attempt at a blog. Occasionally I’ll be giving away some products at events and locations where I can sweet talk the owners into letting me get their patrons jacked up on sugar.

Date Added: 10.03.13